Upper Penns Creek Watershed

In 2023, we partnered with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) to tell the story of the last twenty years of watershed conservation projects at PVCA through an interactive map. This map showcases the impact of our conservation efforts, and can be used as an educational tool to gain a greater understanding of the UPCW.

Crafted in 2002, the Upper Penns Creek Watershed (UPCW) Assessment Report inventories and analyzes existing natural and cultural resources within the UPCW. This report was intended to serve as a baseline for understanding the health of the UPCW and for assisting local decision-making and education. After guiding two decades of actions and activities, a significant amount of the work initially outlined has been completed.  

2.0 is focused on the next steps; informed by a series of community conversations (focus groups) comprised of local residents, experts, business owners, farmers, and various community members who have an interest in the longterm health of the UPCW, and compiled by our partners at BSA / LA, the Community Conversations Summary provides a comprehensive and practical overview of potential areas of focus and action steps for watershed conservation initiatives.