The following narratives provide snapshots of some of PVCA’s activities, values, and people. They range from a day on our signature stream, to a social and cultural celebration, to a story of local artists enjoying and using the landscape both as inspiration and subject matter for their art, among other things.

We hope you will read these impressions to get a feel for our area and our organization. 

Penns Creek… An Exceptional Stream

By Tom Doman

Expert trout fisherman, guide, former PVCA board member, and longtime Penns Valley resident.

The Other Side of the Canvas

By Loanne Snavely & Elody Gyekis

Artists, PVCA members, and longtime Penns Valley residents.

How Sweet It Was

By Jim Flanagan & Dan Shimp

Former PVCA Environmental Educator, Penns Valley homesteader and teacher.

Values At Work

By Nell Hanssen

GroundWork Farms CSA and Buying Club Entrepreneur, PVCA board member, and longtime Penns Valley resident.

Natural Resource and Watershed Stewardship:
An Ecological Approach

By Lysle Sherwin

Certified Wildlife Biologist, Seven Willows LLC owner, PVCA watershed project manager, and longtime Penns Valley resident.