We’re delighted that you are interested in becoming a PVCA Sponsor.

Memberships provide a general and on-going way to support and interact with PVCA.

Sponsorships are usually directed to a specific event (such as Crickfest), program (Education), or operation (Email Blasts, Website,  or WSOV). They may be one-time donations, but many of our Sponsors are so supportive of our work that they repeat year after year or event after event.

We have a great deal of flexibility in how we can work with our Sponsors, so let’s talk! Let us work with you to focus your interests and support on the aspects of our mission that most appeal to you.

If interested, send us an email (conservepennsvalley@gmail.com) and let’s set-up a call or face-to-face.

In the meantime, please browse our Sponsors Gallery for supporters of our 2019 Rivrsong and Crickfest events.


Ways to Support PVCA



We’re delighted that you are interested in supporting PVCA. You may do so in several different ways:

Become a Member

PVCA offers three categories of membership:


Please join us using one of these membership categories.

Make a Donation

You may contribute to PVCA at any time, regardless of whether you are a member or not. When you do, you may also direct your donation to particular PVCA activities.

Subscribe to PVCA Electronic Communications

No cost way to subscribe to PVCA electronic communications, including news, announcements, and our newsletter.

Become a Sponsor

To support our mission, we offer sponsorship opportunities for specific events, programs, and operations. Most of our sponsors are also members – Individuals, Businesses, or Organizations, be we welcome those who simply want to help us with a specific activity.

PVCA Subscriber


PVCA Subscriber

We're delighted that you are interested in becoming a a subscriber to PVCA electronic publications. These include email blasts, our twice-a-year newsletter, and occasional announcements of events, items of interest, etc.

If you enjoy hearing from PVCA, we hope you will consider becomeing a Member at some time in the future!

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PVCA Household Creation


PVCA Household Memberships are free of charge and do not require  renewal. They provide a convenient mechanism for sending out printed materials and for helping us keep track of the various households in which some of our members reside.

Creating a PVCA Household is  a two-step process:

    1. Create an Individual PVCA Membership for each person to be included in the Household.
    2. Send email to PVCA with information about the Household, the individuals to be included in the Household, and their respective relationships with the Household.
        • Name for the Household (e.g., Alice &  Bob Jones)
        • Household email address if different from the email address of any of the Individual Household Members (e.g., aliceandbob@pennsvalley.net)- otherwise, omit
        • The name and email address for each Household Member as well as the relationship(s) of each to the Household
          • Head of Household
          • Member of Household
        • Setting up a PVCA Housheold Membership requires a one-time manual step by PVCA staff. Please send the information outlined above to adminmember@pennsvalley.net

PVCA Household Membership


PVCA Member Household

Please Note:

A PVCA Household Membership consists of at least 1 regular PVCA Individual Member, usually the person who registers the Household, and 1 or more Additional Members.

The PVCA Individual Member will recieve all printed PVCA mailings, such as our Newsletter. The PVCA Additional Members will enjoy all of the benefits of an Individual Membership, including electronic communications, except they will not receive printed materials. (The Printed Newsletter, etc., received by the Individual Member are assumed to be shared by the Household.)

To start the Household Membership process, you must first be a PVCA Individual Member and be identified in the line above. If you are a PVCA Member and your name is not shown above, please identify yourself by entering your email address or name (entered as Last, First).

If you are not a PVCA Member, return to the Support PVCA page and register as a PVCA Individual Member.

After that, return to the Household Member registration page to continue (probably most easily done by, again, returning to the Support PVCA page).


Please provide us with information about your Household. After doing so, you will be asked to provide information about each Additional Member of the Household.

Many thanks, and we apologize for this 2-step process.

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PVCA Organization Membership


PVCA Member Organization

To start the Organization Membership process, confirm that your name is shown in the field, immediately adjacent. If it is not, either clear the name or, if you are known to PVCA, enter your name. If it is shown correctly, select it. Otherwise, clear the incorrect name and continue with the registration process.

As a PVCA Organization Member, you are entitled to a complimentary PVCA Individual Membership. This person should also serve as your primary Organization 's Contact. The person you name may be yourself. Simply fill in the person's name and email address in the form, below.

Please note: the basic Organization Membership fee is $150, but because of internal accounting needs, we show a $125 membership fee and a $25 donation. The $25 donation will be transferred to your complimentary Individual Member's record as a Donation.

You can, of course, contribute more if you wish, and the additional amount will be transsferred to your Complimentary Member.

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