The Penns Valley Conservation Association temperature monitoring initiative is a long-term monitoring program to capture the trends and changes in water temperature across the Upper Penns Creek Watershed. Temperature data were collected in 2002 and then again from 2012-2020 through the PVCA Watershed Committee. The framework of the thermal data locations reflects historical watershed improvement projects to analyze the impact of best management practices such as riparian buffers and streambank fencing on stream temperature.


Map of Observation Locations

The data points on the map below (shown with red icons) are either current or historical temperature monitoring locations from various years. The horizontal line in the graphs at 70° represents the critical trout threshold, the temperature that begins to stress trout and impair their ability to reproduce and thrive.

To view a table of all monitoring locations, in the top left corner of the map just to the left of the PVCA logo, click the sidebar icon. Clicking once will display all locations, clicking it again will close the sidebar. You can click on any location in the sidebar and it will be highlighted on the map.









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