Upper Penns Creek Watershed Assessment – 2002

2002 Upper Penns Creek Watershed Assessment

This  2002 Assessment is intended to serve as a baseline for  understanding  the health of the Upper Penns Creek Watershed (UPCW) and for assisting local decision-making and education.  The Assessment  inventories and analyzes existing natural and cultural resources within the Watershed,  presented in a single reference document.

Report Sections

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3.  Assessment Inventory
  4.  Analysis
  5.  Recommendations
  6.  Hydro-Geological Report
  7.  Ecological Assessment

Walk The Watershed: Planting for Healing | June 28, 2020

Sarah DePasquale – herbalist and landowner, and Andrea Ferich, initiator of the multifunctional riparian buffers, take you on a virtual tour of the project planted at Fiddler’s Bend Farm. Learn more about riparian buffers planted by PVCA through a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust. Sarah shares how she utilizes some of the many plants in their farm’s buffer and demonstrates the medicinal preparation of elderflower syrup. These buffers benefit wildlife and landowners alike while preserving water quality.

You can view the photo album of Sarah and Jim’s Farm, as well as a handful of Andrea’s work here…



This is a link to Sarah’s Etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MeadowsweetBotanica

This is a link to Andrea’s Ironwood Forestry site: http://www.ironwoodforestry.guru


The following Instagram videos were recorded for use during the presentation:

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Raspberries, black cohosh, and elecampane

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Black walnuts

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We hope you enjoy the presentation! If so and you’d like to learn more about PVCA’s watershed protection and restoration efforts, please join us as a new Member or consider a donation:

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A Walk In The Watershed

Join us for an informative and inspirational tour of two of PVCA’s stream bank improvement projects with habitat champion, Lysle Sherwin. Learn what impacts PVCA’s Young Forest Initiative is having on water quality and wildlife from the expert. Hear from the farmers about the wildlife preservation work done by PVCA on their land.

Afterward, join Stacy Levy, world-famous landscape and sculpture artist, as she walks us through her property. See how she defines wild vs built worlds using natural gradients that add beauty and habitat. Learn the answer to the question of how to live in a place without displacing the natural qualities that make the land beautiful.

We are offering bus transportation for attendees from Old Gregg School in Spring Mills to our various project sites, as well as to Stacy Levy’s Farm, and then returning to Old Gregg School. Parking is limited at each location so we are requiring attendees either sign up to ride the bus for a $9 fee, or if you wish, you can bike or buggy to each of the locations for free.

Meet at Old Gregg School between 2:00 and 2:25 for departure at 2:30pm.

The address is:
106 School Street
Spring Mills, PA 16875

Questions about the event? Contact us at info@pennsvalley.net.

Stream Thermal Data



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