We’re delighted that you are interested in supporting PVCA.

There are several ways you can do so:


  • Individual
    • an individual person
  • Family
    • two or more people related to one another (spouse, children, sibling, grandparent, etc.)
  • Household
    • two or more people not related as family living in the same household (significant other, housemate, etc.)
  • Business
    • business registered by a contact person representing that company
  • Organization
    • organization such as an association, non-profit, federation, or union, registered by a contact person representing the organization


  • You may make a contribution to PVCA at any time, regardless of whether you are a member or not. You may also direct your donation to a particular PVCA activity.


  • You may direct your donation to an activity or resource part of a particular event, such as a tent for Crickfest or bus expenses for an educational outing. For a  list of current needs and their suggested support levels, see the Sponsorship page.