PVCA Household Memberships are free of charge and do not require  renewal. They provide a convenient mechanism for sending out printed materials and for helping us keep track of the various households in which some of our members reside.

Creating a PVCA Household is  a two-step process:

    1. Create an Individual PVCA Membership for each person to be included in the Household.
    2. Send email to PVCA with information about the Household, the individuals to be included in the Household, and their respective relationships with the Household.
        • Name for the Household (e.g., Alice &  Bob Jones)
        • Household email address if different from the email address of any of the Individual Household Members (e.g., aliceandbob@pennsvalley.net)- otherwise, omit
        • The name and email address for each Household Member as well as the relationship(s) of each to the Household
          • Head of Household
          • Member of Household
        • Setting up a PVCA Housheold Membership requires a one-time manual step by PVCA staff. Please send the information outlined above to adminmember@pennsvalley.net