Protect the environment by promoting the concept of buying locally; facilitate local small business development; inspire local investment and seek ways to keep community monies circulating in the community. 


In late 2009, in the depths of the recession, a small group of residents of Penns Valley, inspired by the 1st Slow Money Gathering in Santa Fe, NM came together to explore how to create a more resilient economy in the Valleys. We focused on food, because that’s such an obvious place to start, and we had history in that area—PASA, PCO, Elk Creek, and our summer and winter Farmer’s Markets.

We looked at what infrastructure producers and growers in this area might need, which led us to realize that perhaps it was time for Penns Valley to move beyond food and broaden the “buy local” message to include the vast variety of small businesses we have in our Valleys. We asked to become part of the Penns Valley Conservation Association, which has always had an economic development goal. With funding from them, and after months of hard work, we brought out the first version of “Find It Here” a free local business directory, in time for the Christmas 2010 shopping season. Late in January, 2011, we introduced the on-line version. In November of 2012, we brought out an updated version. This can be purchased through our publications tab here.

Currently, we are working with the Millheim Business Community to create events and programs that foster a robust local business economy, as well as consulting with a variety of local small businesses to help them grow and prosper. Plans are underway for developing a low-powered community radio station in 2013-14. Our ultimate goal is to begin an organized local investment program within the 2014-15 time frame.


  • Preserving the natural beauty of these mountains and valleys for our grandchildren
  • Keeping our local farms and businesses prosperous and sustainable
  • Coming together to grow a strong local economy;
    Igniting the fire of local entrepreneurship
  • Reinvigorating our towns so they are attractive, lively and thriving
  • Ensuring a well-thought out balance between old ways and new ways
  • Supporting families with vibrant local resources so our kids want to stay and enjoy the Valley too

Slow Money Committee Documents

Committee Members

Chair: Eli Ward (eliward@ymail.com)
Members: Annie Mascelli, Sue Haney, Barb Lange, Judith Fordham, Brian Burger, Larry Wolken, Lisa Marshall