About PVCA: What We Do

Watershed Protection.

  • Habitat Protection
  • Multi-functional Streambank Buffers.
  • Key Species Recovery
  • Streambank Restoration

Education and Outreach

  • Environmental education provided to all Penns Valley School District students  at no cost
  • Field trips, Internships, Envirothon
  • Community events, Workshop tours, Pollinator gardens
  • WSOV radio station

“Many students never get to see some of the beauties of their own backyard. We have so many wonderful environmental centers here in Penns Valley that students wouldn’t otherwise see if we didn’t go on these trips. By going, students are exposed to these places and hopefully they will encourage their families to come back with them!” – 3rd Grade Teachers on PVCA Sponsored Field Trips

The Watershed of Penns Valley Conservation Association (PVCA)

  • Penns Creek (as runs from Woodward to Coburn) is a unique resource for the Penns Valley Community and is a main focus of PVCA.
  • Penns Creek is home to one of the best wild trout streams on the East Coast, with fishing being a long-standing important part of the local community and economy.
  • PVCA is actively working to improve the health of our watershed through the implementation of stream bank fencing, riparian buffer plantings , agricultural best management practices, water monitoring, and stream bank cleanups.
  • In doing so we hope to preserve the health of our aquatic ecosystems and maintain the rural beauty that attracts so many to our community.