Membership Planting of 1,000 Trees

Sunday, 10AM – 3PM | April 24, 2022

Bitner Hollow Road



Turn onto Charming Lane and follow the length of the lane. Charming Lane is across from 201 Bitner Hollow Rd, Spring Mills.
Map is below
(click the map for Google Maps directions to 201 Bitner Hollow Rd.)

Led by Elka Hoelsken

Bring your shovels! This year PVCA is planting 1000 trees in one day for our membership-wide young forest planting. Elka, our PVCA spring 2022 work-study intern, will be leading this project along Bitner Hollow Rd. Elka is graduating with a bachelor’s in Environmental Resource Management from Penn State. She’s been thrilled to join PVCA this year and is looking forward to meeting as many PVCA members on Sunday, April 24th.

Planting this many trees is one of PVCA’s strategic priorities for 2022. Please do come out and help us celebrate a new young forest area!

10,000 Tree Planting