What is PVCA ?

The Penns Valley Conservation Association seeks to foster an engaged community that preserves our rural way of life while protecting our natural environment.  PVCA’s Mission is to serve as a steward for the natural and cultural communities in the Upper Penns Creek watershed, seeking to preserve and honor the agricultural roots of Penns Valley by protecting and conserving its waters, farmlands, forests and rural heritage. PVCA is a 230 household member organization.  We envision an engaged community, where growth is balanced with support for healthy natural systems that foster the local economy. Our valley has dark night skies, clear streams, healthy forests, prosperous farms, and local jobs.

What Next?

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Navigating the PVCA Web site

The web site has three levels, navigated through the Organization and Return menu items:

  • Welcome Center – the level you are on, provides highlights and an overview of PVCA function, activities, and results.
  • Front Office provides details of our projects and activities.
  • Back Office provides working materials and functions for PVCA members responsible for specific areas of activity. Access to this level is restricted.

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