Molly Buchanan

As a resident of Penns Valley for most of the last 52 years, I have a deep love for it’s natural resources and people. I recently retired from a career in nursing, and am enjoying more time for gardening, hiking, bagpiping, and fishing. My husband David “Coo” Atkins and I live on 12 acres in Haines Township where we raise beef cows, chickens, and lots of vegetables. As a past president of PVCA (2000-2001), I have supported the cause of local conservation for many years, and look forward to more involvement in the years to come.

Mead McCoy (Charles Mead McCoy III)

As an aquatic biologist for the last 20 plus years I have worked for tribal, county, state, federal agencies and government. I have also taught at the community college level introductory courses in general biology, environmental science, marine biology, and nutrition. I most recently retired from the U.S. Forest Service as a Fisheries Biologist doing restoration, and monitoring of salmon and trout habitat on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. I look forward to serving on the PVCA Board if elected, and thank you for your consideration.

Maya Wade

I am a teacher by trade. I began my career teaching field ecology in the California redwoods. I then taught marine ecology in Georgia and field studies in Rhode Island. I even once co-led a birding trip to the Galapagos Islands! Eventually I made my way back to PA and spent a few years working in nonprofits. In addition to my role as educator, I have nonprofit fundraising experience, including organizing silent auctions and assisting with other community events. I spent years doing trail maintenance and biological surveys at John Heinz Wildlife Refuge in my home area of Philadelphia, and have dressed as the Blue Goose (the mascot of the national wildlife refuge system) for community events. I am currently a special education teacher. I would like to serve on the board of PVCA because I want to do my part to keep the air and water clean and the land healthy for all living creatures to enjoy and benefit from. I love to walk, swim, and hike in nature. My family and I spend a lot of time enjoying the natural resources here in Penns Valley and I’d like to help maintain and expand that opportunity for both my family and the larger community. I chose PVCA because I believe in the mission. I choose service because I believe I owe it to my community to find ways to be useful and contribute to the greater good. I would be very happy if my skill set could be useful in service to the PVCA.

Karen Schuckman

Karen lives in Penns Valley (Tusseyville) with her nine horses and three dogs. She is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Geography at Penn State and Executive Director of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. She graduated from Penn State in 1977 with a BA in Liberal Arts and in 1979 with a BS, Meteorology. She was a member of Penn State Women’s Gymnastics Team from 1974-1977, and was a National Champion in AA, FX, and Vault, And #26 in 100 greatest athletes in Penn State history!! She is also a member of Keystone Dressage and Combined Training Association. As a member of the PVCA Board, Karen would bring her many talents to the Association and is particularly interested in the possibilities of mapping PVCA’s many projects and Penns Valley natural resources.