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Cumulative Impact Report

This PDF details our accomplishments over the past twenty years or so ...a very good place to start if you're looking for details about our stewardship efforts.



Business Directory (no longer a publication; points to an external site)

In 2010, PVCA created a directory of over 250 local businesses, called Find It Here. We are happy to announce that, in the spring of 2015, has taken over the directory database, and is making a sizeable contribution to PVCA in return. You can now reach our local business directory via this button, which will link you to it on the website.

update 10-26-15: get a listing for $20


A Penns Creek Companion
by Douglas Macneal

Published by PVCA with generous grant support from Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau and Centre County Community Foundation. A Guide to Penns Valley's historical, ecological, cultural, and recreational wonders. Available at local bookstores and businesses for just $20.00.

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Waterways and Wildlife
A Guide to Assessing and Improving Riparian Buffer Habitat

Waterways and Wildlife is a manual designed to help landowners and other stewards assess and improve the quality of wildlife habitat provided by their riparian areas.

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