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The Committee’s specific task and authority are to consider, investigate, and take such appropriate and reasonable action as may be necessary to provide the Board with information and recommendations regarding the ongoing management of WSOV, as well as their respective rights and duties.


WSOV Committee Documents

Committee Members

Chair: yyy (xxx)
Members: Tim Bonson, Victoria Brennan, Jerry Egelhoff, Monica Keiffer, Lisa Marshall, Greg Ray, Ang Smith, Troy Smith, Loanne Snavely, Jeremy Tosten, Eli Ward, Larry Wolken, 



The Governance Committee is advisory to the PVCA Board of Directors. Its membership is comprised of former PVCA leaders. The purpose of the Committee is threefold: enhancing the effectiveness and viability of PVCA, providing historical context, and serving as a liaison to the larger community including local government.


Governance Committee Documents

Committee Members

Chair: Jim Zubler (
Members: Tom Doman, Barbara Lange,  Lisa Marshall, Catherine Smith



The mission of the Finance Committee is to build relations with possible sources of funding in order to maintain  PVCA and its  programs and activities . . .


Finance Committee Documents

Committee Members

Chair: Mike Arthur (
Members: Martha Hoffman, Becky Bragg, Josh Brock, and Josh Stover



The mission of the Development Committee is to build relations with possible sources of funding in order to maintain  PVCA and its  programs and activities.


Development Committee Documents

Committee Members

Chair: yyy (xxx)
Members: zzz

Community Science



Computer Functions


PVCA’s Penns Valley Tracker

A forum for sharing bird and other nature sightings, photos, and tales of adventure, particularly in and near the Penns Valley area of central Pennsylvania. Created as an outreach of the Penns Valley Conservation Association.

ChicoryLane eBird Web Application

Interactive tool for  exploring Cornell University’s eBird database of bird species sightings. The tool is set to center searches on Spring Mills and to include all of Penns Valley as well as surrounding areas in its searches.


ChicoryLane Database of Plants

Interactive tool for  exploring collection of over 300 trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and herbaceous plants located at chicoryLane Farm but representing a sizable sample of the flora of Penns Valley. The site also provides data on birds observed at ChicoryLane as well as throughout Penns Valley and beyond.