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We’re delighted that you are interested in supporting PVCA.

There are several ways you can do so:


  • Individual
    • an individual person
  • Family
    • two or more people related to one another (spouse, children, sibling, grandparent, etc.)
  • Household
    • two or more people not related as family living in the same household (significant other, housemate, etc.)
  • Business
    • business registered by a contact person representing that company
  • Organization
    • organization such as an association, non-profit, federation, or union, registered by a contact person representing the organization


  • You may make a contribution to PVCA at any time, regardless of whether you are a member or not. You may also direct your donation to a particular PVCA activity.


  • You may direct your donation to an activity or resource part of a particular event, such as a tent for Crickfest or bus expenses for an educational outing. For a  list of current needs and their suggested support levels, see the Sponsorship page.



Site Map

The site is divided into 3 levels

Welcome Center is  the first level and provides  highlights of PVCA and orientation to the site.

Front Office is the second level and provides details of  PVCA projects and activities. It is organized with respect to PVCA’s organizational structure, including sections for the each committee and access to board and committee public documents.

Back Office is the third level  and provides access to PVCA internal documents and functions. It is intended  primarily to assist PVCA board, committee, and administrative members with their work in support of PVCA’s mission. Access to this level is restricted.

You may envision the site as a three-level building: the Organization menu item provides a down  elevator to lower levels; the Return  menu item provides an up elevator.

Site Architecture


Welcome Center

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Member Form

Individual Memberships

We are pleased at your interest in becoming a member of PVCA or renewing your current membership.

PVCA’s supporters share a practical, yet visionary commitment to preserve the habitats that all of us, people and wildlife, depend on. Supporters come from all over the country as well as from Penns Valley. They include hunters and fishermen, bird watchers and native plant enthusiasts, farmers, local business owners, valley residents, and visitors to the region. You can participate by becoming a member of PVCA, and by volunteering to help with our many ongoing projects.

We offer several kinds of memberships: individual, family, and business or sponsor.  You  can register or renew as a Member or Family, below. You may register as a Business or Sponsor by visiting the Sponsor Page. For either, you can also decide what level of financial support you wish to provide!

Please open, print, and mail a completed membership form with your check.

Note: this is a two-page pdf file. Page 1=standard forms, page 2=business forms. They print triple, so you’d be helping the cause if you pass your extras on.

Or you can join / renew online with debit, credit, or paypal. Click the yellow button below & click on”price per item.”. Enter your amount then continue. You will be transferred to the PayPal site where you can pay by PayPal account or by conventional credit card.

PVCA Membership

Please check this box when you fill out your form. It enables us to mail you a thank you letter for tax purposes.


Membership Levels:


Membership Brochure (front)

PVCA is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 publicly-supported, federally tax-exempt
corporation in Pennsylvania.

Sponsors and Business Memberships

If you wish to support PVCA and its conservation work in the Penns Valley Area, we will be delighted to work with you.

You can do so through an individual or family membership, explained in more detail on our Members page.

If you are a business, you can support PVCA through a general year-long Sponsorship, explained below.   Or you may sponsor  an individual activity or event.  A list of suggestions follows. Or we can  work with you to identify a need tailored to your interests and priorities.

Or, if you would just like to make a Donation to PVCA, we’ll be glad to take  your money or gift in kind.

Membership Brochure (back)


The PVCA Newsletter began in 2005. Published seasonally, it has appeared from two to four times a year, depending . . .

The current Newsletter is displayed here. Issues back to 2016 are available, below. Other PVCA publications are available through the PVCA Community Outreach Committee, which may be accessed through the Organization: Detailed menu,  above.

Previous Newsletters






[Coming Soon:
This will be a collection of slide shows of, about, or around the Penns Valley area gathered around a theme of the artist’s choice. The show displayed here is a placeholder.]

Summer Views

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Organization: Welcome

 PVCA  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation organization whose activities are focused on the Upper Penns Creek Watershed.

To learn more about the organization’s goals, activities, and accomplishments, follow the Read More link, below, to enter a more extensive and detailed area of the site.

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Board Minutes

Board Working Documents